Prayer to move to a beautiful apartment

by An (US)

Dear Saint Joseph,

I never really ask for more than I can handle but right now I feel lost and unhappy with my current living situation. I would like to move into a better apartment living in a community that reflects who I am and reflects my taste and is safe.

I have lived in this ghetto of an apartment for 9 years which is now infested with bed bugs and my skin has been bitten so badly that I see a dermatologist now to remove the scars and feel trapped as my credit was not good before. I have worked hard to get it to a place where I now feel better about it but it is still considered below national average and although improved the score will ruin all chances of ever moving into a safer and nicer apartment complex where I can have a piece of mind.

Please Saint Joseph I am praying for stability and to be able to be approved in the apartment complex that I applied to last week. I have not had a good night sleep in over two weeks as I am paranoid that I will be bitten by more bed bugs.

Please St. Joseph hear my prayer and the prayers of all those who are in desperate need of something better in their lives. Amen.

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