Prayer to Move on my behalf dear Lord

Father I give You my spirit. Let me be one with You as Jesus was one with You and the disciples; You in me and I in You, Jesus in me and I in Jesus; the Holy Spirit in me and I in the Holy Spirit. Father, I give You my mind. Let me have the mind of Christ with all Your wisdom.

Father give me wisdom; Godly wisdom, spiritual wisdom, wisdom in the world, and Father give me financial wisdom; don’t let me waste Your blessings; don’t let me waste Your money. Father I give you my soul; my feelings, my children, my emotions, my passions. And Father I give You my will. Not my will but Your will be done in my life. Father You have a perfect plan for my life. Make it happen, Father, make it happen. Make it come to pass, Father, let it be Father, let it be. Let the Holy Spirit draw me close to Jesus.

Let the Holy Spirit rule and reign in my heart. Let the Holy Spirit lead and guide me in everything I do. And Father, let me come to know the Holy Spirit as the real person He is; where He is my comforter, counselor, partner, adviser, my friend, and my teacher, the giver of every good and perfect gift.

And Father I give you the glory and honor and praise. Father you know the concerns of my heart concerning my daughter Destiny. Keep me on my daughters heart and never let another man take my place in her heart as her father. Her mother has wronged me greatly and I leave those circumstances that took my daughter from me I leave totally to you. Help me to be able to let go of the past and leave these painful burdens at your feet.

I desire to know you more and trust that you will restore & vindicate me! Save & Protect me and my children from all the plots & traps of the enemy! Help me to know you more, increase my prayer life. Come into my mind and sit on the throne of my heart. I cover my children & I in the blood of Jesus. May your holy spirit guide me and be my shield, buckler,high tower, fortress. Increase me on every side, I plead the blessings of Deuteronomy 28 over my life. I will go to the camp of the enemy and take back everything that was stolen from me. In Jesus name…Amen