Prayer to move on and find happiness

by Shaun (Eynesbury, St Neots, Cambs, England)

Lord Jesus

I pray that you help me reconcile the mistake I’ve made in my life . There was this girl I had feelings for , circumstances forced us apart. However over many years I waited hoping to run into her again . I never did until recently when she gave no sign that she even wanted to talk to me that we were ever even friends and she was preparing to get married.

During this elapsed time I had resolved to wait for her , rejecting all other offers of a romantic nature. Now i find that this approach was in vain in the extreme. That I misread the situation and that has got me questioning how I see the world around me because of the neurological condition that the lord saw fit to bless me with

I pray that if there is a purpose for this condition that it be revealed to me . I pray that you give me the strength to move on form this women and to find a life partner who will actually want me for me. I pray that you grant me the strength to stop obsessing over the time wasted. I just pray to be happy again.