Prayer to move froward and mend our broken hearts

by Stacey (Alberta)

My prayer request is to ask for guidance and support as we as a family move forward in relocating to a new city or town, and to sell our properties ASAP to make this prayer a reality. Moreover to find a house that gives us that which we need as a family and fits our budget. If this is your will dear holy God.

I ask that you pray for my children that our hearts will be healed from the loss of their daddy….my dear husband and best friend, and their faith restored. Thank you dear friends. I am grateful for this blessing of prayer and ask dear holy God that all those involved lives be blessed. Thank you so very much for taking time out of your busy lives to say a prayer for us

If you could please also say a prayer for Betty, my mother’s dearest friend, recently diagnosed with brain cancer. Dear holy God please comfort and strengthen Betty and her family during this overwhelming battle and if only months are truly remaining please embrace her in your warmth and fill her with the courage she needs to move forward in her journey.
Thank you so much dear holy God and thank you also to those opening their hearts in prayer…..blessings to you all

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