Prayer to mend my relationship with boyfriend dealing with effects of war

by Brittany (Minnesota)

God I need you more now than ever and my dear followers of God I need your assistance. I met the man I know with no question God made and sent to me. We fell in love, no sex; pure emotional and mental connection. He is a wonderful man. Army veteran. Former medic. He got blown up and is now retired.

He is 29 years old, attending school with a hectic schedule and dealing with life after Afghanistan. I didn’t understand and would accuse and nag. The effects of war causes many issues with loneliness, feeling like you don’t connect with others, etc. He at one point told me I helped him “feel” again. I would get frustrated with him and be very disrespectful in words and tone.

I had a wake up call and decided to educate myself in the effects of war by research and volunteering at a va hospital. I wanted nothing more than to understand my man better. We are in two different states so maybe it was that on top of my past of cheating men that caused me to accuse but he is nothing like them.

I pushed him away and now he is leaving me. He says it’s not me but him as he can’t be in a relationship, but I know this man well. It’s me not understanding him or being there the way he needed. I will be leaving my state to be closer to him and he says it’s a big mistake because he can’t be with me or anyone else because he has too much to deal with after war.

I need to be there for him and make sure he’s good during this time. He is still in love with me. I don’t want to pressure him but I want a second chance to be there for him. I want my actions to speak. He is isolating me to not deal with it. A defense mechanism for him. I know he can’t give me a traditional relationship right now, but I accept that and know he needs to work and focus on himself.

Please pray for God to speak to this mans heart and allow me to start from the bottom and have a second chance to be the woman I should have been. I’ve been on my hands and knees and need all the additional prayers and support I can get. My man is damaged and I need to be there for him.

Please being him back to me Lord. Please!! Thank you for reading and praying. God bless you all.