Prayer to mend my broken love

by Tina C (Oklahoma)

Father God

I come to u today and ask u to mend my broken heart and relationship, the devil has intruded in my family and broke it apart. I know in my heart and soul that you placed Jerelle in my life to be my husband. Since the day we started seeking your word and guidance the devil has been busy trying to destroy us. Please remove all the hurt, pain, and anger in our hearts. Replace it with kindness, respect, desire, understanding, and your love. Please remove anyone or anything that is knowingly or unknowingly trying to do evil, separate, or misguide us. Help us to remember all the love, fun, happiness, and joy we bring to each other. Help us to remember what each of us bring to each others life. Make us love u God first and each other next, that u brought us to it and u will bring us through it stronger and more in love then ever. I know father God that u shall never leave us or forsake us, place us back in one home moving as one unit. Please fix our broken relationship I can’t do this without him. In Jesus name I pray Amen

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