Prayer to Make the Suicidal Thoughts Go Away

Dear Lord,

Do You remember when I was a youngster how I used to write you letters begging to come live with you because I was always so depressed? You knew what I was going through as a damaged child. You knew I contemplated suicide as a child many times, but You were there to prevent the inevitable.

So I appeal to you today for all of your children who suffer from chronic depression (bi-polar illness). We, your special children, have an assignment to complete in this world. I understand it takes time to learn certain lessons from life and how to grow from there to fulfill our destiny as set by You.

I want to thank you so much for my life, for I know it is a precious gift from You, but I feel so heavy in my heart right now. Even as I write the tears are flowing. We, your children, desperately need your help now, especially in these times.

O Lord, please bless and help us through your kind mercifulness and banish the suicidal demon that surrounds me and your other children day and night.

In Jesus name I pray,


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