Prayer to Make new & Restore My Marriage

by Tonie (USA)

Father you know what I need before I know what I need. I’ve come into a place where I don’t even know how to pray. I feel lost; hurt that my husband has turned a deaf ear to me & our unborn child, & hasn’t been the support that you intended him to be.

I have been lonely, depressed, & full of hurt & pain. Father I ask you give me strength to find the right frame of mind to pray for my husband & our relationship. I ask that you give me the forgiving heart that you have yourself.

I beg that you soften my husband’s heart, & open his ears & heart to your words. When you call him, I ask that he hears your voice, not the voice of the one’s who’ve come in between what you put together. I ask that you reveal those who mean him no good; the one’s who are stuck in the world trying to bring him back there in the ways of satan.

I ask that you reveal to him the importance of you, me as his wife, & our children that are counting on the both of us to build the foundation for your work. I ask that you remove the one’s from my life that are telling me to give up on my husband, the one’s who are faithless in what only YOU can do. I know you can change any situation God, & I need desperately for you to change, & fix this one. This marriage was not meant to end. I bind up all lustful outside things that satan is putting in between this marriage; I bind up all negative energy; stubbornness, selfishness, defiance, disobedience, & other worldly influences that are attacking our marriage.

I thank you in advance for the quickness of the holy ghost in the both of us. I’m believing in you to make this right without any lengthy amount of time passing us by, for the birth of our child is 6 days away. I ask that you bring us together in ONE household, with selfless attitudes.

I ask that you have Mercy & Grace moving in our spirits with your LOVE moving through the both of us for one another, as well as our children. I give my husband as well as myself to you Father to do your will. I thank you, & say with acceptance all these things in the name of your son the Lord Jesus Christ….Amen.