Prayer to Make My Marriage Work

by Sue ()

Dear Lord, Heavenly Father, I come to you with a very heavy heart, you know I have tried to make my marriage work, I love my husband I have forgiven him for the all the hurt pain tears disgrace he gave me, he ignores me as if I am not there, he stops talking to me for many my days, I feel mentally abused by him.

my soul has been ripped apart, my heart aches, my heart is heavy lighten my burden Lord, give me comfort and strength, if it is your will for this marriage then soften my husband’s heart with love care respect protection support loyalty faithfulness transparency honesty trust and communication towards me .
I hate myself for letting myself be hurt so much by him, I dont know who I am anymore . I don’t know if I am amongst the married or single or divorced, I fit know where I stand with him
Help me my Lord, I beg you , I plead with you. Help me.

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