Prayer To Make My Husband Commit To Me

by Ntombi (South Africa)

Dear Lord. Please help me. I’m heartbroken & on the verge of giving up. Lord God I know that my husband TT comes from you. He reflects everything that is of you & has even made me come back to you. He told me that he would tell his baby mama about me but I found out thru FB that he is still “In A Relationship with her.”

I know Lord that our marriage happened quickly but I don’t believe it was a mistake. It’s been amazing and we’ve grown closer to each other and to you. Ours is a 3 cord union with You, him & me. God, I can’t compete with a 7 year relationship & child.

However, You put TT & I together. He’s scared to break things with her because of her feelings but the truth is that they don’t have a relationship, it’s only on FB & thru the child. Lord God, I don’t want a child to grow without a dad, but my husband has never lived with the babymama and he only saw the child a couple of times a year before he met me.

So Lord, I am not taking him from his child & her because they have been living apart for years. So, Lord I plead with you Lord to minister to my husband TT and clarify to him that he is now my husband & committed to me & me alone. He has to man up and tell his baby mama that it is over and tell her about me & our marriage.

Help him to be free from all ties to his baby mama permanently. Open his baby mama’s door to find her husband, which is not my TT. Let them shut the door permanently to their relationship rightnow & forever more. Let my husband’s love and commitment for me grow stronger than ever as I build a permanent hedge of thorns of protection around my husband to permanently keep out his baby mama or any other woman permanently.

Thank you that his baby mama is permanently out of our lives and thank you for restoring our love for each other and our relationship and marriage. May it be stronger than ever & grow far & wide. In Jesus Mighty name. Amen

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  1. Faith


    My prayers are with you this morning

    Please go to church each Sunday

    Jesus also needs you You will find

    The answer at his house

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