Prayer to Make My Husband and I Closer Together

God I pray that you bring me and my baby closer together. I pray that you lead him away from temptation and that all these other women just go away. I pray that he loves me and cares about me the way I love and care about him. I pray that you place me in his heart and that he can still see himself with me.

I pray that wherever he is that I’m always on his mind like he’s on mine. I pray that he wonders where I’m at and what I’m doing like I do with him. Please God please don’t let me lose him. I can’t lose him, he’s the only thing keeping me fighting anymore. Please I beg of you. Amen

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  1. Faith

    Good morning my prayers are with you and your

    Husband I have been married to my wife for 35

    Years. Please keep Jesus in your life go to church

    Each Sunday if you know where your husband is send him

    A note tell him you are at church each Sunday invite him to join

    You do not push

    Jesus needs you ! And he is the only one you need

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