Prayer to make me and my girl together.

I I’m loosing her. I have lost much in my life, family mother father brothers, and now the fate is going to take my girl away from me.

She is getting married after 2 days, I want her, she was not at all interested in this marriage, but her parents forced her to it. Now she has got no other choice. Oh God, kindly give her back to me. Please dont let this marriage take place. I want my girl, I cant live without her. I cant watch someone take away my girl when I’m all alive here.

I really love her, she is the only one left for me. Please understand my pain , please here my cry, Everyone should be fine, she ,her family, the guy who is going to marry her, his family, no one should lose anything, me to cant lose her. Kindly stop this marriage in a good way and give me my girl back. Please let me live my life with her.
Else I dont think i cant live long in this world holding the pain of a loser.

Kindly give me her, or please kill me in a pleasant way, so that she wont get hurt of it.