Prayer to Make Better Health Choices

by Taylor (Houston, Tx USA)

Hi I am 5’1 and weigh 146 pounds. I am over weight for my height and I look and feel disgusting. I get out of breath some times and it hurts my legs when I squat down and my back is always hurting due to too much weight. I also feel very sluggish and tired a lot. I have dents in my legs and butt and a double chin.

I have stretch marks on my legs, arms and butt. It is very unattractive. I dont like myself at all. I dont take good care of myself because I have let myself go. I suffer depression and dont care about myself anymore. I think I am soooo ugly!!! I want to feel beautiful again and not have body aches and I want to be in shape and care about myself and take better care of myself. I want to be healthy and not have any health problems. I want to lose 30 pounds. Please pray that i don’t give into food temptation. I always eat junk food. I love food and I know its not good to love food. I eat out of boredom and depression and I eat when i am stressed.

Pray that I make healthy food choices. I always over eat. Please pray that i eat small portions. Thank you

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  1. You will succeed

    Hi Taylor, this is the time I visit this site and of cause my very 1st comment here. I can related how you feel and I pray that you will succeed in your weight loss journey.

  2. Your not alone


    I just bumped into a coworker who saw my gym bag and said that she can’t see any difference in my weight. It was a very rude comment saying that to say that push on and never tell yourself that your ugly. If you tell yourself everyday that you are a work in progress then what you say you will soon feel and your one step away from achieving your weight loss goals. Find a workout partner and stay motivated. Nothing happens overweight but consistency wins the race. Good luck

  3. Pray in the Name of Jesus for Changes

    I will be praying for you. It is so common for you to dislike yourself, and to feel like you are so overweight, because that is what the World makes you think. The body that the Lord has created for you is the exact body that you were meant to have. Do not hate the way you look, because that is who God created you to be. I have been going through almost the same thing lately. I am 16, so looking good seems to be one of the only thing that matters to a teenager. I have always consumed large portions so it makes it harder to control my cravings. When I looked in the mirror one day, I realized that something needed to change, so I decided to start going on runs and do some simple exercises, which worked, but not to the extent that I wanted them to. So, soon after, I decided to pray about it. I asked God that he fill me with the strength to control my eating habits and help me burn calories. The very next morning, without hardly thinking, I found myself going on a long run that felt like a breeze. Afterwards, I was fishing around on the internet, when I found a website called “the zone diet”. So I clicked on it and realized that losing weight can be so much easier then we think. The basic rules are to consume a lot of proteins, and limiting the fat and carbs, and the best part is that it is not actually a diet, because you do not have to follow it daily. I later realized how much God had done for me in just that one day. It is so amazing that when you speak to Him, he can bless you in so many ways. I completely understand what you are going through, therefore I will pray of for the Lord to heal you. God loves you so much, just the way that you are. Just pray in the name of Jesus, and you will start to see the changes.

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