Prayer to lose weight

by Michele (Brooklyn, NY)

I have been struggling to lose weight for a long time. For medical reasons I have to lose weight. I am considered obese and must lose 85lbs. I am constantly struggling. My crutch is food and I’m trying but seem to be gaining weight instead of losing. I get all upset because I know this is not me. I don’t feel good about myself and it shows. I am losing my hair, my clothes don’t fit and I feel worthless. I need a miracle in my life that will improve my self esteem and show me that I will be a success. I am currently 215lbs. I would love to get back to being a size 4. Please pray for me. God bless and thank you.

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  1. Mind Set

    First go with your mind set, saying over and over I will do this throught the power of Jesus Christ.
    I know, I am over weight also. 5’2″ and at this time 193. I have lost 7 pounds. My problem is I can get little exercise because I had surgery and it left me with a foot drop, numbness, and pain. I am on crutches and won’t be getting off. So, I have to eat a lot less. For those who can exercise, please do! Any kind of exercise is exercise. Walk, take the stairs to one floor or more, walk to the mail box, take your kids/grandkids to the park and play with them. And of course don’t let food control you; YOU need to control food! Amen? Amen!
    First start out NO sugar. Sugar is killing us slowly or maybe fast and we do or don’t know it. Get your sugar natual from fruits. Stay away from regular and diet drinks. Just because it’s diet don’t make it better for you.
    That’s a little of my advice but I have more just can’t write it all. Let’s ALL Pray for each other and say WE CAN DO THIS!.
    I pray for each person who has wrote in and posted a comment. He or She gets the strength through you Jesus to control food and get back healthy. You know our strenghts and weakness’s. Your are our Lord and Savior and We Need You. We can not do this alone. In Jesus Holy Name Amen!

  2. trust in the Lord

    Continúe to have faith and trust in the Lord! He has never failed or turned his back in me. I do not deserve any of the miracles I recieve. At 258 lbs I was desperate for help I now weigh 147. I changed nothing really, I went to the doctor and started treatment for other health issues. Most of all I prayed all the time. Tht weight fell off literally. Trust in the Lord, he hears your prayer even when you can not find the words.

  3. I PRAY FOR YOU!!!

    My God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, I come to you in the name of my Savior Jesus’ name. I ask you to touch each and every person who is over weight and have eating disorders. I pray you will ease the stress. We cast our cares upon you as you say in your word. You are our answer. Jesus, Holy Spirit intercede for us. Lord God for each person who reads this, bless them! Bless them!

    I really believe God, Jesus and Holy Spirit love you! My life is hell right now. So I know what it is like to have your butt kicked by life!! I am 5 feet tall and I weigh 257 pounds. I am obese. I am ashamed. Love to you all!

  4. I am in good company

    We who struggle with weight are a wonderful group of people! We are in good company! I’ve just prayed for all of us to have a touch from the Lord so that each of us learns what we uniquely need to do in order to lose the excess weight. I know of four things for me to do. It’s hard to do them consistently because of scheduling and being busy. Plese pray that I stop overscheduling myself, say ‘no’ to unneeded activities, sleep more each night, and balance needed activities with needed rest.

  5. Weight Problems

    I myself, like these individuals, has struggled with being obesed. I am currently at 201 pounds and need to lose at least 65 pounds. The reason to lose weight, is due to my medical issues with blood pressure and God only knows what else. I need prayers to lose the weight so I may continue with my journey with the Lord, to be strong, healthy, and be able to stay focus spiritually. I know God does not want me to be where I am at, because according to His word, our body is a temple in which needs to be taken care. Please keep me in yalls prayers, and may God bless each and one of you.

  6. always the fat girl

    Ive been fat since i was 11 yrs old….i try to lose weight but Im always failing at it…we took a family vacation to mall of America and i couldn’t fit on the rides….I’ve lost my son a my mother with in the last 8 months. I just need the lord fore then ever right now….if i stay this heavy i Will die young…but i want to live a long happy life but i can’t see that life right now at this point.


    I have been taking a medication that made me gain weight

    and i work so hard now that i dont have time to exercise

    and loose weight

    Please pray for me that god will give me divine financial miracle $$$$$$$ so i can exercise and enjoy retirement. I would like to look good this fall and i can get into my bathing suit and i have always been belittled by people because of my weight . please help me Jesus in Jesus name mp

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