Prayer to Live a Better Life

Dear Lord,

I feel like I’m being pulled in every direction. I am so thankful for my health right now and my mother. The only two things that are good right now. Lord please heal Devin from depression, evil, darkness, and loneliness. Please take over his body, mind, soul, and spirit and let him see what he can do with his life.

I worry the most about him. I feel alone and I can’t count on anyone for help except my mother. Devins dad is no help…he needs help himself. Jamie does not have the patience and never took an interest in Devins life. I’m just fooling myself thinking this marriage will work. I want it to so much. Jamie is an alcoholic.

He’s a good man but drinking is his number one priority. If he doesn’t get alcohol when he feels he needs it he gets touchy and a little crabby. He sneaks alcohol and I don’t know why he feels he has to do that. I think it was the way he was brought up.

I pray for him to get his problem under control. I also think he still takes vicodin sometimes, I dont dad his his wife are in a real mess with the law and my dad keeps talking about it all the time and it’s wearing me down. I pray things will turn out for them. I hate my job.

I feel I have nothing left. If things could work out for Devin I could handle anything else. Please Lord help Devin be a good strong healthy man. Can you please give Devin this miracle Lord? I pray you will. I love him so much. I love you so much. Amen.

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