Prayer to Lighten my stress

Dear Lord, please hear this plea of mine. The past 6 months have been so hard on me but with your grace I have survived. Just when I think I’ll be able to stand again something has to happen to bring me down again. I feel I have stayed somewhat strong through this all, I’ve prayed, I’ve believed and I’ve had faith but I’m getting tried of always feeling down and so stressed.

I can’t enjoy anything in my life and this hurts me so bad for my kids and grandbaby. Please, please bring some peace back in my life, This is not the person I want to be. I know it has been you carrying me these past months for I couldn’t even walk and I feel like I ask so much of you that you’re going to get tired of hearing me but you’re all I have.

So again I’m asking please my precious Lord bring some peace into my life and lighten this stress that I am under. I love you and thank you so much for that you do for me. In Jesus name I pray.. Amen

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