Prayer to Lighten Hardened Hearts

by Gail (Florida, USA)

Dear Lord,

Spread your message of light, love and peace to all those affected by evil wrongdoers, and shed your infinite wisdom and forgiveness on those who perpetrate wrong. Gently touch the hard hearted and strengthen the weak, infirm, devastated, and those who feel despair.

We pray for your divine intervention to soften their hearts, so clear away the debris of their past and to heal those they have inflicted with so much pain and agony. Please give us the strength needed to stand strong against the forces of evil and others who are within their grasp.
We are a reflection of your deep abiding love. We pray to forgive and to be forgiven, for without forgiveness there can be no peace. Without peace there can be no love.

My husband and I live in fear and need your guiding hand to lead us through the brambles. Hear our plea for mercy.


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