Prayer to Lift My Family’s Oppression


Please, pray for my whole family that the Lord might lift up and permanently remove the oppression we have been under for so long now. Not just money…though that would solve many problems…its more than that though. Its like…everything one of sets out to do..fails. not once but over and over and over…and its like that for each of us.

We try to stay positive but my kids swear we are cursed. I don’t believe that but I can see why they think it. for instance, my youngest got a car from his dad when he graduated (his dad & I are not together anymore)..exactly one month later, the tranny went out, then everything else..$3,000 later of his hard earned money and he had to scrap it for $250.

He recently lost his job too. At the same time my daughter used her 1st big tax check and paid cash for a vehicle. It ran very little & 1 yr later she had to scrap it. in the meantime, my other sons truck died and he sold it for a $250 & put that toward fixing my car. now he has nothing and my car…well it broke down on Christmas Eve 2014.After 50+ jobs in my life & new diagnosis’ I have been fighting social security… for nearly 5 yrs now & there are so many errors & mistakes in the file that I really needed my lawyer to address them as well as send in new records…yeah well he sent in old records & addressed nothing so I was denied again after which the lawyer quit. so here I sit with nothing resolved. sigh. My 2 oldest boys went to florida to work with their dad, they are so miserable because he is a very difficult man to be around. They feel where to go. live in a leaky Rv together for $800 a mth plus vehicle and way down on an island in the Keys. My daughter recently found a good man but they are struggling as well & can’t afford a big enough place for her, him and their 2 kids. she is sick and cannot find a dr. who will help her & can do very little work because of it. my parents got ripped off on a trip they took when their engine blew. $6k later.,,..yeah…and my sister just got scammed out of thousands trying to do a good thing for her daughter. & her sons wife left him while he fought the war in Afghanistan…she took him for a ride in the divorce and now he can’t afford to breath…had his jeep repossessed. He’s a good man. Im at my wits end. We need our lives to get better. We need to see successes when we put out our effort. We need the Lords Blessings. I believe we have suffered enough to know how to appreciate those blessings too so please pray for us that the deep oppression can finally be lifted. Thank you so much…in Jesus name, Amen (ps. none of us are drug addicts, criminals or bad to others)

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