prayer to lift just some of these problems off of my shoulders

by Victor (Usa)

I feel like I am suffering from depression although I don’t know alot about this problem, and would probably never admit it to anyone I know. I mask alot of my problems by being a work-a-holic. I work two hard jobs, basically every day and only sleeping three hours a day.

In my spare time Im working on my house rebuilding everything and I have my two children on the weekend. I have to be with my kids on weekends at my parents house because I have so many problems with my house. Most people don’t know I’ve lived at my house the last three years with no electric, or heat and a ton of home repair needs.

The past give years I faught off a foreclose, paid off a bankruptcy, faught the city, gov., kids mom, so on. Me and my kids against the world. But now Im getting tired.