Prayer to lift financial burden

by James (Chelsea, Alabama)

Please pray for me to have this financial burden lifted from back. I need prayers that I will recieve a financial blessing that I need to keep my business going, my creditors paid and my employees paid.

I am so tired of the stress, so tired of feeling alone, so tired of feeling overwhelemed. In the years that I have owned this business I have gladly helped those folks that I could.


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  1. Prayer for James

    James, I am going through terrible financial prob lems also with loss of income and a family group that is financially devastated and unable to sustain themselves. But I have finally come to realize that God’s way of lifting these burdens from us may not be the way that we envision. sometimes if often involves things we do not want to do or expect to happen: bankruptcy, or whatever we need to do. just remember that no matter what you face, that our treasures here mean nothing really: OUr home in heaven is eternal, and sometimes just relief from a situation is an answer to prayer even if it means a loss. I am praying for you that God will give you and answer but remember that God does love you and your employees no matter what happens. Be thankful for your life and try to look to Calvalry for answers. Talk to your priest or your pastor and ask for help from others if you need to. God loves you and the sun will still be shining in the morning when you wake up. take hope in that James. Yours in Christ Jesus. Robyn

  2. Tired!

    Lord God I have been a widow for 17 long years…my son was only 5 and my daughter 9…thank You for being with me throughout.Thank You for giving me 2 of your best children, bringing them up was a pleasure with all the ups and downs in my life,with all the financial crisis. Now Deat Lord I need you more please help my daughter with a good catholic life partner and help me financial to get her married. Help my son to get a new well paid job. I am tired Lord now, I ask nothing for myself only for my children.Please help them.Thank you Lord in advance. Thanking all of you also for your prayers.

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