Prayer to Let my last interviewer give me the job


Dear Loving God, I have been praying to you all this while. I have a debt to repay, and help my mother after all the struggle she has been through.This interview was for my dream position, and if I get the job in London, it will put me on the track to solving all her problems and mine, financially and mentally.

I have been praying to you everyday since before and after the interview, but it has been close to a month and no news still. Please, God, I really need this job. Please help me in this very tough time I am going through. I really hope I get that job.

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  1. Hope

    I hope and believe you will be successful in your goals. If you believe, God will grant you what you wish. I am a firm believer in this, and I, too am hoping to land a job and if I do, I will be beyond thanking my Lord and Saviour, I will thank him anyway for just being alive and well.

    May the Grace of God be always with you.

  2. I pray you get the job

    I pray you get the job you interviewed for. I am in a similar situation. Out of work and recently interviewed for an amazing position. I pray that you and I both get these jobs.


  3. Lord i trust You for this job

    I was touched by your prayers, i wrote a recruitment exam since 7months ago, last month i was called for the first interview thank God i made it. I was then told that i will be called a week later for the second interview, i waited 3weeks no call, praise God today i have been called that i will have that interview in 4days time…Lord help me to get this job in Jesus name, it is my dream job…AMEN

  4. A Prayer for interview too.

    I was touched by your prayer as well. I went for 2nd interview and been waiting 2 1/2 weeks….it also is my dream job…I will be closer to my aging Mother to help Her. I’ve been out of work for 7 months and my unemployment ran out and I have went through my retirement money. Lord now my debts are increasing and I’m scared. Give me patience, ease my stress, and Anxiety.
    I know your will be done. Put your hand on the company for a quick desicion on the job position.
    in Jesus name Amen

  5. Prayers for you

    I am touched by your prayer. My husband also interviewed for his dream job and has to wait almost 2 months more for an answer. Waiting is really hard, but at the same time we’re practing patience and faith.

    I’m learning that God has his own agenda and time frame and it is the best for us, even if we don’t agree. He knows what’s best for us all.

    I pray God reveals to you and my husband the wonderful jobs He has in store for you, very soon, our time.

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