Prayer to Let My Husband Open His Heart to Me Again

by Stefanie (Florida)

Lord. My husband and I are living seperate right now. We have children that want us back together. I am asking that you help open his heart and eyes to see that his family wants him back and that no matter what has happen in the past may we both be able to heal and be together under one roof again forever.

Open his heart to want to love me and not lose me. Make him see the changes he needs to do to be a better spouse and father and let him want to be a better ms for us. I been trying to heal and forgive him and I want him back. Lord please I ask you to return Scott’s heart back home to his wife and kids that want him and love him dearly.

Open his heart to see this 4 month separation is hurting us more then helping our marriage.
I want my family back together. I pray that you can heal us to be happy once again together. 9 years of marriage and I still love him with everything I have. Lord we miss him and want him back home. Heal our marriage.

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