prayer to let go of the life i had planned so God can do his will

by Amber (Bristol, Va)

I have 2 children , and there father left 6 months ago and now has a new baby on the way with another woman he is going to marry. I pray for there family , his new life, for her and the baby. I find it to be a hard prayer since I prayed for 8 years that the life he is having now would be with me and our kids.

I have been praying for my grandfather who has raised me, he is ill, and is wanting to go home. I pray for my parents as that go through there separation. its hard to pray for these new prayers. to pray he has that family I longed for and knowing itd be silly if I didn’t cause id only be like a child who was anger to not get there way. knowing for grand daddy it would be selfish to ask for more time when I know he ready. to pray that my parents do get the sepration so itll hopefully change my parents as there no good together and both lost .

this is a hard season in my life , at 23 I never thought id face all this at once, but being recently saved again , I am still in a shaken faith.

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