Prayer to Leave The Past & Moving Forward

(Buena Park, Ca)

Oh god I’m asking that you please (work your plan) as well as mine help me too keep moving forward with my life with the choices that (I) have made & still am making new ones as (I) keep moving (forward ) & ( leaving) the (past) (behind me) (I ) have struggled for so long.

Since I’ve started going to (church again) everything is falling back into place. (1) (I’ve (forgiven all those who has did, done or said anything to me.
(2) my kids are talking to me again.
(3) I’ve accaplished (1) of my many goals.
(4) I’m still (moving forward) for I still have a long journey ahead of me.
sience I got (god) back into my life & started going too (church again) things are starting too look much better & brighter. Dear god I’d like too thank you for all that you have done and give too me. I am truly grateful from deep within my heart. Thank you for for today another breath of life to keep
(moving forward)
in your name
I pray amen. I’m so blessed.