Prayer to know the truth

by Gina ()

Dear Lord, I didn’t mean to hurt someone, im just only want to know the truth, im very sorry if i say something that made them hurt, if it’s really my fault, pls tell them im very very sorry, i pray that i made no harm to them, i dont want to be the reason if there’s something happen to them,i already make an apology i hope they understand me also, pls act as a bridge. pls help me also to overcome this difficulties im facing right now, esp the money stole from us, pls get it back to us, we are now facing financial crisis,i pray also for the health of my mother pls give her long life , and also for the family of my sister, to my baby and my husband pls protect them from any harm and give them good health. i also pray for the business of my husband and for our incoming business i pray that it will become successfull, i pray also to the people who hit the tsunami last friday, pls give them strenght to stand again, i pray also to the person who made harm to us, bless him oh lord tell him to get back our money, pls help me to win in lottery it can be a big help to us,it can help may people around me,thank you oh lord, i know there’s no impossible to you, i praise you oh lord, thank you oh lord..

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  1. prayer for the Almighty to show us all those who have betrayed us in a matter of faulty accussation.

    To know the persons who are making false accusations on my husband.

  2. I'm praing for you!!

    I’m praying for you and so are others. I think you are doing the right thing in praying and I pray that yuou will be healed and that all your family and friends are there with you always and forever! Positive thinking – ok…what you believe – will happen! Images become thoughts, thoughts become reality!

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