Prayer to keep our marriage in peace, love and harmony till our death

by Uma (India)

Dear Daddy, it was you who bought us together and it was in your presence that we were united. The bond which you had made let not anyone disturb. God I pray for our long and lasting relationship. Keep us always together and in your unfailing loving presence.

Daddy I know that for some reason we are separate today, but I truly believe that my love, my husband will come back to me. Daddy I love my husband and I thank you for giving him to me. I need him always with me and for me. Daddy remind the bond and promises to my Abhi and let him come back to me. I know that he loves me too but whatever the reason, you are the one who can set right. There’s nothing impossible to you daddy. I trust that my husband will be back to me and only for me and that’s only with your blessing.

Daddy from this week let him come and stay wit h me. Clear all our misunderstandings and confusions. Daddy keep our bond together and safe in your wings. Give me wisdom to be my husbands obedient and loving, blessed wife. Abhi should be only mine and he should love me more than I love him….In Jesus name I pray ….. Amen

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