Prayer to Keep Our Home

Dear Lord,

My Husband and I and our three children have been through alot in the past five years since he retired medically from 25 years service, the debts piled up and my Dad died a year ago May, four months to the day my step-father of 35 years suffered a brain aneursysum, he was my Mother’s caregiver so I flew the 1800km home to care for Mom who had major heart surgery, thank god he survived, but this all took a toll on poor Mom. I flew home again several months later to help with Mom. Now we each month we are late with our Mortgage payment and we had to borrow from 3 cash stores for money for food. We are good people and have always helped those in need. One time my husband stopped on the bridge in the winter to give a homeless man his gloves. My husband suffers from PTSD he was in Rwanda during the genocide for 6 months in 1994, he recently applied for canada disability because his PTSD is severe and now recently he went from type 2 to type 1 Diabetic and now takes Insulin. The military was going to help with my re-entry course for Nursing but I’m still awaiting news. In between all the trips home I appied for several jobs in all areas with no call back. All I ask is for us to be back on our feet and see the light again and to keep our home.

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