Prayer to keep my son on the outside and not in jail or prison.

Most holy apostle Saint Jude faithful servant and friend of God, I ask that you spare my son from jail or prison. He has turned his life completely over to God. He has ask for forgiveness of all his sins.

Saint Jude he has a daughter that is nine years old, who loves her daddy so much, I don’t know what she would do without him,yes be made mistakes, and he is paying for them, please Saint Jude make a miracle happen for him.

He is has been trying so hard to be a better person, he’s working , paying his child support and most of all trying to be a good Christian man. He is suppose to be getting married on May17th 2014 to a wonderful lady who cares for him a lot, Please Saint Jude help my son do his work that he needs to do on the outside.

I am his mother and I love him very much. Saint Jude I have repented of all my sins also, and ask for forgiveness for anything I have done. Saint Jude make a miracle happen for my son, so he can show others what God has done for him. He wants to share with others. My son has had people who has done things to him hurt.

Saint a jude I would be ever so great full for this favo.He will continue to be faithful and honor all of Our heavenly fathers commandments. Thank you so much B.C

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