Prayer to Keep my Love

by Wendy (Canada)

Please pray for this current situation going on in my life right now. I fear I have lost the love of my life due to recent events

I know the things in my life and within me I have to fix for MYSELF, but I can’t help but feel tremendous love for him in my heart. I have thought long and hard. I feel in my heart and soul he is the one I am suppose to share my life with. I haven’t been doing my best in praying, but I promise to start that again. Please Heavenly Father sees my prayer and allow me this one chance to keep him in my life.

God knows my heart is filled with joy and great happiness with him around. God knows I have not been ever this happy in love before. Bless me to fix my issues and if I get that prayer request granted, and he comes back to me, I can be better than I ever was.

I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen