Prayer to Keep my family together..

by Esther Rangel (Laredo)

Dear Lord, i beg for you to help us be together as one family, to help my husband and me raise our three little children together, to heal the wounds we have made to each other, help us find forgiveness in our hearts, i do believe you are the only one one who can really help us.

I saw the following prayer here and it is exactly what i feel at this moment:
I pray that you would soften the heart of my love who I have separated from. Please forgive me for the hurtful things I said to him and please uproot and remove these bitter memories from his heart and soul. Please Lord restore the love between us and bless us together in , love, peace, joy and happiness.

God, you are the only truth and I am believing you to heal this relationship in heart, soul, mind and spirit. I honestly love this man and i believe he loves me also. If this is true Lord then please bring us back together with your blessings. Dissolve the hurt, pride and resentment and hold us together in each others hearts and in your blessed heart as well Father. Thank you for your mercy and forgiveness.

I am believing you for a peaceful reconciliation. Please dear Lord i ask you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Thank you all the wonderful people that see this page and help with a little prayer for us who are going thru hard times..God will bless you too.