Prayer to Keep my family together

by Maribeth (Orland Park, IL. USA)

My dearest Lord Jesus,

As I read the needs of do many, I humbly come to you with a request if my own. As you know, my company wants me to give up my home and move to the east coast…without the nearness of my son, my family and friends. I will have to give up my dogs to live in a rental and the security of my future without the home that my son and I share.

Failure to do do may run the risk of losing a job I’ve worked do hard for and truly love and enjoy and take great joy in doing.

I beseech thee, my Lord and Saviour, that that the principles of the company have a change of heart and realize that my strengths can serve the common good of the entire company versus myself by allowing for the status quo. Iove you, Lord Jesus Christ and through your intercession, I implore God our Father to grant me a favorable outcome.

Dear Jesus, I am eternally grateful for all you have done for me and for all of mankind. I pray for an awakening to bring others closer to you this Christmas season with a renewal of hope and peace throughout the world.


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