Prayer to keep both of us healthy to care for our children

by Amanda (UK)

Please…..I am so tired, so worried. I no longer know how to find the strength. I had such a difficult childhood, my husband was a heavy drinker and unfaithful, I lost many babies, I never stopped trying to hold it all together, I eventually had 2 live babies, a boy and a girl. He worked away and a managed on my own with no family, then I got cancer, it is incurable but I am in remission at the moment. My lad has anxiety, hes so shy and gentle, my daughter is a handful but so loving and a little lonely I think. Husband no longer drinks but is a workaholic and his brother just died. He is unwell and tonight I think he had the first mild signs of a possible stroke….on Christmas day. We have no family that are in my childrens lives that really care or know them. If something happens to us there is just no one for them…..I am terrified of what the future holds…..I just want to live to see them into their 20`s at least and for their Dad to stay healthy for them and the family. Lord, I cannot carry anymore…please I beg you make it all right….please. Amanda.