Prayer to Jesus for Pushing Him Back Home Jesus

Lord I thank and praise you for knowing you can do the impossible immediately. Lord me and my husband lived together then became married. I thank you for the beautiful marriage and love that we share even during this separation.

Lord I ask for forgiveness for putting my husband out yet did I know I was throwing him to the enemy. If only I can do things over. My husband and I have been together for over seven years and our love have survived it all. The devil had fooled my husband thinking he wasn’t happy and the grass would be greener on the other side that caused him to cheat.

This separation has made him realize just how true and real his love for me is and how it’s not greener on the other side. I thank you for rekindling our love and letting him realize that our love is still here. Lord please take that Jezebel and put her in her place and allow her to loose my husband.

My husband tells me he loves me daily and wants to come home but just need a little time. I don’t understand what he mean by that but our precious moments that we spend together continue to bring us closer. Lord touch his heart so he no longer want to live in sin or even care about the other person feeling and go with your word and his heart so our marriage vows could be fulfilled quickly.

Lord I pray that you give that jezebel grace knowing this is my husband how can she date and want to start a life with a man that already belongs to someone else. Touch her heart and eyes so that she realizes and clearly see that this man still loves his wife so that break up and transition can move easily.

Lord help me so that when he do return home that will be apart of our past and this separation will make our marriage stronger than before. Lord I thank you for the strength that you haven given me to wait and pray knowing all things work together for my good. Jesus I thank you I praise you for just a feeling of freedom knowing it’s going to be a mighty change in my home. Lord let him toss and turn all night until he find himself in his own bed.

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