Prayer to intercede for us in the sale of our home

by Pat (Iowa)

I humbly come before you begging that you will help us with the sale of our home. We are very thankful to the Lord for providing us with the opportunity to live here. It has been a wonderful home and we will always have many fond memories of raising our children and growing ourselves, we realize that it is time to go.

When we bought this home we used the excuse that we needed a larger home for our growing family. I now know that we bought this house out of pride and for bragging rights. I wanted a big, expensive house to try to impress our family and friends, anything just to make me look important and even more, to try to look successful. Our house became the focus of our lives, and for this I am very sorry.

I always believed that God put us here for a reason. In some ways I feel we have lived up to this thought but I also know that I’ve fallen short of this. I just don’t feel as if we belong in this home or neighborhood anymore. I’ve recognized that moving here has changed me in good but also bad ways. I’m afraid of the path that I am on and I am most afraid of being disconnected with my family.

There are financial concerns as well. We can meet our bills but the focal point of our finances is centered around this home. I prefer not to have a house be the focal points of our lives. I want our focus to be on family and one another.

I ask for your help in selling our home. We have done what we can to make sure that there are no surprises for a new owner. Please help us by interceding for us in this endeavor. We really want to move to somewhere where we can truly live peacefully and happily.

Thank you.

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  1. Faith


    My prayers are with you and your husband

    St Joseph hears you

    Look into buying a st Joseph’s statue to bury

    In front of house and do it with faith

    Jesus also needs you please go to church

    Each Sunday even if by yourself

    Husband does not go do not push him

    Set the example

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