Prayer to Improve My Career

by Peter (Canada)

I am currently back in my home country and am working at a job which is 100% commission. The problem is that my team (finance) has left and I am the only one left. I have not booked a deal in 4 months because my industry is so slow.

In addition, sometimes the boss is hard on us and demoralizes us with his demands rather than giving us inspiration. I am hard working, smart, and I just passed a major exam which should help my career.

However, there are still major challenges. I just want a new workplace where I am in harmony with my surroundings and I have a steady pay cheque, and I have the opportunity to grow. I pray to God to give me a better job.

He has given me a wonderful life so far, but I feel that I am languishing in my current environment and I know I can do much better.

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