Prayer to humble the hearts of my son, his dad and my fiancé

by Xg (California)

Thank you lord for all your blessings. I know you are there for us and for me regardless of the circumstances. Thank you for teaching me Perservance. I pray to you now to humble my son down so he can submit and accept my help to take him to intervention camp so you know his troubles. Please help me with his father who uses my son to get back at me for our past.

You know all I want is to better my son I cannot see him self destruct under my eyes. I also pray that you humble my fianc down so he can get close to you and connect with u my lord so we can all live the life you have set for us which is the right way of life..

All these men in my life mean some thing to me and all I want is peace, tranquility and happiness and to get my son back in the right track but with all of us involved and you lord especially you are the one who makes things happen but I know is in your own time and not in mine.

Thank you my lord, amen