Prayer to help with the sale of our business and home

by Karen (Hingham, MA)

St Joseph I am asking for your help. My husband has worked so very hard helping others and now it is time for him to be able to rest and enjoy life to the fullest, we are both ready to retire but need your help. Please St. Joseph bring to us a buyer for our business first and then please bless us next with a buyer for our home. One who is eager, compliant and honest. Please let the sale of these properties be quick and in the order that we need to fulfill our dreams. Dear St Joseph, we have obtained a statue of you and put you in a very uncomfortable position. Please St Joseph we implore you to send us someone quickly as we have been patiently waiting for your blessing. I will pray everyday St Joseph until the sale of both our properties. When sold I promise to redeem you and bring you into our new home where we can honor you with our gratitude. Please hear my Prayer, Amen.

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