Prayer to help with my home, career and relationship

Saint Jude,

My mother recommended today that I reach to you to help me with the things so heavy on my heart and so stressful to bear. Please help me sell my house quickly and easily. I am so afraid of the unknowns here and the potential financial loss. I am now anxious too of the job offer I had anticipated. The delays concern me of the certainty of this opportunity. Help me too with the stress and blockage that is happening in my relationship with a wonderful man. The stress of unanticipated problems with these big changes are wearing on our relationship. We are to get married in May and need some comfort and ease to get on the on the right and best path with his children and finances.

I have never had so much to bare. I need your help with the strength to cope. I would like to request your help in assisting in quick resolution to the house and career so that ease can come back to my life. If you can help there, I can make the needed progress with Will.

Can I say thank you to St. Jude? I’m so grateful you listen.