Prayer to Help Us Sell and Buy a Home


Most Holy St. Joseph, I make this request in a time of great need. Please intercede in the sale of our home in New York so that we may move to Florida near my mother as she ages.

My husband’s disability and health would also benefit greatly from the warmer climate and my daughter would benefit as well as she moves towards her college years and beyond. I wish to make a better life for us all. I know I have been unfaithful to our Lord but I ask this favor not for myself but for those I love.

Yes, I too will benefit however that is not my primary goal.

Please help us sell this home to a buyer that is eager and in need of a home with much love to give. We have enjoyed many years here and my heart aches that we must leave but it is best to move on to new beginnings.

I beg of you Saint Joseph, please answer my prayer.

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