Prayer to Help Us Mend Our Family

by Christine (Murrieta Ca USA)

Dear Heavenly Father

Forgive me for my mistakes. I pray you will send your Holy Spirit over this family. I pray we will have peace love and forgiveness. I pray you will show me and lead me to be a better partner, mother, and step mother.

Please intervene and help us to correct each of our short comings and each of our hurts that we have caused to one another. I’m so sorry for not being more careful with the hearts of all the kids you have placed in my life. I prayed so hard for a partner and you answered me with my partner. I let my ego and worldly things shadow that.

Please help me to be a better person to all of them and not take for granted the love you have so graciously blessed me with.

May you keep them safe at work. They put their lives on the line for the public. May God bless and protect them. Heal our hearts so that we may all better serve your name.

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