Prayer to help us in our Company

by Metzi Bianca Cadena (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

Dear God,

I ask forgiveness for all the short comings I have committed against you and against my brothers&sisters. May you help our team Lord the Magellan team in dealing with new clients, from sending our company profiles, setting up meeting, signing of contract , supplying and coping with their requirements, accomplishing all our duties, serving them and delivering results that will satisfy them . Lord help us to gather good applicants . Father God we are running out of our finances and I worry the salary of our people please bless our company and bless each and every one of us to be successful, be the center of this company lord, I commit my work to you, I lift up to you all my worries and fears grants us our petition. Lord my only goal is to employ many people to help them also please lord, make us realize our worth and our potential give us drive to motivate and cultivate us. Thank you lord God for your assistance. I trust in you. This we pray to Jesus Christ your son, one God forever and ever. Amen.

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