Prayer to Help us all.

by Araceli ()

Dear lord,

Right now I feel frustrated and angry because of how hard conditions currently are. I’m upset because we have no money and it’s a scary and sad feeling.

I’m sorry to only ask of your help when it’s really needed but it really does worry me that my dad doesn’t have a job, please give him a good lasting job and I’m sorry for been horrible . My dad just wants to help his family out and at least him working is what makes us feel secure.

Dear lord I’m sorry for this, I’m sorry to ask only when Im in need please give him a job and also please help me to not be an envious, angry and sad person. Also help me to remove this sad emptiness of leaving school but also help me to be someone who can help people like me in the future.

Thank you Lord, amen. Xxxxx
Im sorry that I can’t find the website where I posted the last one in but I hope this is is just as strong as the last one. Tkmm.

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