Prayer to Help Those Sick and In Need of Home Care

by Lynn (Allen Park)

Dear Lord, You have always granted me a peaceful path in the wake of many heartbreaking challenges and I am grateful. Please intercede and help my poor husband as he endeavors to find and help those in need of home care. Please grant us the ability to help the sick, the lame and the forgotten.

May your grace be showered on us once again and protect our family from further stress. We are your servants and pray that we may earnestly return to our brothers and sisters the blessings that you share with us. May we be channels of good in our community and have the overflowing abundance to share your graces with all whom we come in contact. Look on you weary daughter and hear me once again, as your humble servant and beacon of your blessings and good will. Thank you for the wonderful space of love and peace that you have always given me. May all others looking for abundance be granted eternal favors by you. Amen.

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