Prayer to help solve my problems

by Robert (JHB,South Africa)

I request prayers for my debts to be written off which cause a division with my kids ,whereby i’m the only parent that is left with them,their past away om the19 January 2013.I’ve been made blunders taking money at work without anyone’s concern.Because wanting to satisfy them ,i’ve seen to GOD for stealing at wok because of my condition.

One of my kids wrote me an SmS that he going to kill himself to follow his mom who is at peace ,wherever she is.He wish that her mother was here ,it was going to be better.I’m fully depressed and not knowing what to do .

I feel like taking my life because i’m not at peace with myself .Please can i be helped with prayers for miracles to happen in my condition. I’ve lost my car from mechanic because of non payment its almost a year,my business partner ran away with the money for the the business is down and out.I’m in debts now,it also affect my kids .

I’m really in deep debts.I’m owing lot of money to personal loans and i;ve been taken to pay lawyers with my pay and be left with small change that can’t afford to support my kids .PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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