Prayer to Help sell our house, St. Joseph

by Ron And Sheryl (Arknsas)

St Joseph we ask for your intercession with our Lord and Savour Jesus Christ. As his foster father you showed compassion, forgiveness and support while also learning our Lords love and kindness to all.

St Joseph Sheryl and I are desperate for help in selling our home. Please hear our prayers to you for intercession to make this happen quickly. St Joseph we also ask for blessings of our family and friends. We ask that you hear their prayers and help them in their needs. As sinners we know we do not have the right to ask for anything but trust so much in Gods forgiveness. We ask for that forgiveness for our human indescressions and ask that you hear our prayers with true humility. All is possible through our trust in God and we know his plan for us is right. Our faith we know will overcome all obstacles. Please hear our prayers as we are in need of a quick sale of our home. In the name of Jesus our Saviour we pray to you

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