Prayer to help sell my beautiful lakehome

by Janet (Minnesota)

Dear St. Joseph,

This is the start of the second summer that my lakehome has been up for sale. The property was bought in 2006 with such high hopes and beautiful dreams for our retirement, but sadly, leukemia stepped in and took my husband away in 2013.

I only have about 6 months a year to try to sell the property as it is closed up in the winter. I buried my St. Joseph statue last year, shortly after my husband passed away. When the property didn’t sell last year, I thought maybe it was just too soon for me to part with it, but the emotional and financial burden is becoming overwhelming and I feel so stressed that the property will not sell again this summer.

I switched to a new realtor that I felt was sent to me and I had one family look at it and they were going to make an offer – but then just abruptly changed their minds. The stress wakes me up at night. This is affecting my retirement, as I can’t retire until I sell the home.

My husband and I loved every minute at our beautiful home and I just want someone else to come and fall in love with it the way we did. I am so sad that we will never live out our retirement dream at our lakehome, but now I need someone else to buy it and take care of the home and enjoy all the beauty of nature that it holds.

Please find an honest buyer who will take care of the home and enjoy all that it has to offer. I desperately need to sell it this summer and seek your help in doing so. Thank you for answering prayers like mine and all the other people who need to sell their homes. Amen