Prayer to help restoring a relationship


I need urgent prayer to help restore my current relationship. My boyfriend asked for some days apart to see if this relationship is worth continuing, he said he was going to weight the pros and cons about it.

I am worried. Because I have been extremely jealous, controlling, angry and have been fighting a lot with him. He is such a great boyfriend, always joyful, positive, loving, caring and always helping with any need. I know it is satan trying to destroy my happiness with him making me always negative. I know that this is not me, I can be the person God intended me to be.
I need prayer now, to help restore this relationship, to soften his heart towards me, to know in his heart that this is not the real me, to give him patience, and to give me a second chance.
I love him dearly, and I want to us to grow together in a happy relationship.
Please help,