Prayer to help restore my vision in right eye

God I pray that you help me gain the strength to overcome my health issues but most of all my vision in my right eye…. I have two children that need me there for them. I pray that you cure any illness that my family faces; and pray that you bless us with good health. Please help me get my vision back. Amen

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  1. Have faith

    Dear writer as I sat here with my three kids, I came across your decree. We have now decided that today we will prayer for you and everyday after that we would try and find someone else to pray for. I know that God can work miracles but it is only our faith that can make it happen. God loves us and only gives us what he knows we can handle. So have faith and trust in him and be his vessel and in times of adversity still praise his name. Take time out to read the book of Job and i know that you would find assurance. Have a blessed evening and i would continue to pray for you and your children.

  2. Prayer for you

    I am facing my eye sight problems too..came across your article…I will pray for you too….hope that God will lay his hand on you and healing your eye….Amen.

  3. Sacred Single Mother Ireland

    Dear Lord, please help me as my sight in my left eye has badly deteriorated and I have little sight left in my right eye. I have faced many challenges as a single mother but this is the hardest so far. I am also afraid i will have age related mascular degeration and my son is still only 13 and needs me as I need him. I never stopped loving you and continue to hope you will grant me my reuest.

  4. Please pray for me!

    I am young, and my eyesight is already deteriorating. I do not want glasses, as they make your eyesight gradually worse. Please pray that God gives me perfect 20/20 vision. I have faith that God can restore my vision. God I know you have heard my prayers and all the prayers on this forum, please let your will be done as it is always best for us. Please pray for me and eachother. Praise be to God, and thank you all, may God bless you.

  5. My eyes

    I am asking for prayers, because of cataract my eyes sight is failing.
    Lord Jesus you said ask and you shall receive, I am asking your father in your name to be healed of all disease of my eyes, in Jesus Almighty name amen….

  6. please heal my health issues

    I have been suffering with thyroid, Bp and because of this problem i hv had 2miscarriages, god please heal my problems, my health issues, my eye sight issues so that i can have a better and healthy life

  7. Pray for son vision

    My son name dev aasheesh was born at end of 6 months. I had twins, due to premature delivery only one baby was saved .
    Right now my son is having problem in his right eye. Doctor suggested to do retina surgery. But the success of getting vision is less. I believe in God , he will save my son vision and do a miracle in his life.
    Also he is not drinking milk properly and not gaining weight appropriately. Hence I request you to pray for my son vision and health

  8. My bad eyesight

    My eyesight has been a problem since I was in grade 3 and its still a problem and now I’m in grade 6. My mom thinks it became bad cause I used to read in the dark or dim light almost every night in grade 3. Please help me!! I’ve been praying but nothing seems to be changing I hope this prayer works.

  9. Eye-problems

    I am having trouble with my vision in the right aye for a while now because i was diagnosed with a tumor and then brain cancer in 2011. It was cured thank god i just ask all who read this to proy for my right eye. Thank you

  10. I can relate

    I also have vision impairment in my right eye because of tumor that was removed this year. Doctors declared cancer, but miraculously the pathology reports kept coming back negative! My vision is poor in my right eye now and I’m praying for God’s full healing to restore 20/20 eye sight.

  11. My Eyes

    I just had surgery on Friday and right now I can’t see out my right eye I’m asking Jesus to restore my vision although the doctors don’t know what’s causing the inflammation that’s causing my lenses to become cloudy I ask that everyone please pray that my vision be restored in the name of the father the son and holy spiritual and I thank all of you praying for me in the name of Jesus that my eye sight be healed in Jesus holy name I believe with all my heart that I can be healed in Jesus namr

  12. God, in the name of Jesus, please heal my eyes.

    Oh God, please, in the name of Jesus, please heal my right eye, and also improve my left eye, oh please!

  13. Heal my mother from low vision issues

    Dear lord,

    Please give my mother a good vision on her left eye, she is suffering with low vision problem , and some health issues. please bless her with good health , and give her a good vision. please god my mother is suffering lot because of this, please give a good eye sight and cure her sickness. bless her with good health and make her happy.

  14. Healing of eyesight

    I have been wearing glasses since I was age 7 am now in my 50’s. Recently my glasses got broke (Jan.29,2018) I thought God would heal my sight in both eyes. I have astigmatism, nearsightedness and macular degeneration. Please pray for recovery or restoration (20/20 in both eyes ) as I pray for each and everyone of you and believe you will receive your sight

  15. right eye problem

    please pray for me for healing and clear vision in my right eye.

  16. prayer for restoreing my vision in my right eye , and for our lord to restore my hearing ,

    hello my name is.Selena , Manuell , i am asking for speedly recovery , and prayer for my vision in my right eye as i have a lazy eye , been born with it , im now 50 , i have 20/20 vision in my left eye , and 20/200 in my right , oh in the name of jesus , you said ask any thing in your name , and it shall be done for themof your father in heaven , , im asking for total healing as ive been asking , for healng on both of my ears for a complete healing to opeen up both my ear drums and healing in both ears from perm nurve damage, mixed hearing loss , and tinitus , i have 80% hearing loss in both ears , as i want my iq boosted up and have complete healing in my body , i believe it and recieve it , GOD is loved , and jesus is lord ! in your preashious name Amen !

  17. Restore to correct both eyes

    I am short sighted. I wear glasses. Recently, my eyes have been under straining while sitting infront of the computer at my working place and sometimes at home.

    Pray for perfect vision for both eyes and my desire is that i would see and read clearly without the need for spectacles.

  18. Cataract in my right eye getting worse.

    Please pray to heal my right eye from cataracts and restore my sight in both eyes, Jesus please answer our prayers for all petitions on this forum, In Jesus name I ask
    for restoration in my eyes and healing from attacks on my health in Jesus name Amen .

  19. God please restore my son's eyesight to 20/20

    Please pray for my 8 year old son eyesight improvement. He is going to start wearing glasses now. Please help, as a father I am very sad to see him in Glasses.

  20. Pray With Me Also

    I’m 21 and I’m badly injured at my right eye also that I don’t see with it no more and I manage the other one to see. I pray I don’t loose my eyesight and the Lord shall restore my right eye to see in Jesus name AMEN.

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