Prayer to Help Restore My Relationship with My Fiance


Lord God, I come to you asking to please restore my relationship with my fiance. I love him so much and I want us to be together again. We both made mistakes and I am sorry for my sins. Please give us a second chance, please give me a second chance with him.

I just need one more chance. I love him. Please heal his heart and soften his heart and make him realize that we do love eachother. He sais he does not love me but I know that is his the anger and fustration talking because of what we have been through.

He has found comfort and easyness in another woman and he says he loves her but I feel in my heart this is just a test to make me stronger and more forgiving and understanding my faults. And i feel you are working on his heart as you have been working on mine. I have faith that is true.

I cant see or know what is happening with him as I have not seen him and I inly hear stories but I have faith you are working behind the scenes to bring us back together. I have faith he wis going to be my husband soon. But please encourage me and give me strength when the pain and fear cause me to have doubts.

I shouldnt have held grudges and mistrusted him and witheld affection due to anger for things he has done. Im sorry. Please forgive me and please show him that ive changed and please give him a change of heart to give us one more chance.

Everyone deserves a second chance please. I gave him so many and I worked so hard, please. We were almost there Please. Please show him that he loves me still and this new woman is just an escape. How can he fall in love with her when he was cheating on me with her and she even knew about me.

Please. I know what he did was wrong but everyone makes mistakes and I forgive him and I just need one chance. Please soften his heart as you have softened mine. It has been four months since our relationshio ended and he has been with this other woman for 6 months. We have been together for several years.

Please God, please. I have never prayed like this ever in my life. Please anyone who reads my prayer please pray for my fiance and I to get back together. I just need that one chance. Please. I have faith and feel in my heart we will be together as husband and wife one day. God please bring us back together.

Please restore our relationship. And please give me encouragement that what I feel in my heart is true even though the circumstances seem impossible. I know through you all things are possible and you can move mountains and make miracles. I need a miracle. I need this. Please God.

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