prayer to help pay bills

by Charlie (Kent, UK)

I pray that I can find the strength and opportunity to find the money to pay my rent and bills. I know I have not always been good and have fallen by the wayside over the last few years but recently have found you again as your love and strength is far greater than anything I have ever encountered.

I have been trying so hard to find work to pay the rent and bills but to no avail and soon I will be on the street if I do not find the money. I pray that you can help me in anyway you can but I do understand that there are people in countries like Africa that have not eaten in weeks when I had a meal yesterday.

Although I could be in the same position as them soon if I do not find this money. I pray that you can guide me to a satisfactory outcome so I can in turn help others as I used to do when I was young.

Thank you for hearing my pray

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